MGA 60 Year Anniversary | Send us your memories and anniversary wishes!

The MGA is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year and we want you to help us honour our vibrant history.

As part of our celebration, we will be running an anniversary campaign that showcases graduate student involvement with the MGA (previously known as MPA) over the years.

The MGA is asking for your help – we are looking for a series of member-created videos, testimonials and photo memorabilia that will showcase who we are and what the organisation means to you.

It can be anything from a quick hello, a special memory of your involvement with the MGA, a shoutout to MGA staff or well wishes to the organisation on this huge milestone.

Please send in your contribution by Friday, 15 May 2021.

Option 1: Submit a photo, a special memory or anniversary wishes

Click here to send in your message.

Option 2: Send a video

How can I send my video submission?

Notes on video specifications:

  • Introduce yourself (include name, country and year of graduation).
  • Describe your involvement with the MGA (current/ former committee member, MGA staff/ Monash staff, current/ former graduate student).
  • Hold the phone horizontally or “landscape”.
  • Have someone else take the video, use a tripod, or prop up/hold the camera far enough away so that you like how you are framed.
  • Keep the video at approximately 30-60 seconds.

Your video submissions will be broadcast on our Instagram and Facebook accounts during our 60th anniversary celebration.