Confused about exams this year? Ask an MGA advocate

Nefeli has been very confused about what is going on with Monash exams this year and her study buddy Calliope hasn’t been much help. 

Luckily they decided to go to an MGA advocate with their questions. At the MGA, every question is a good question and all are treated as confidential. Here’s a snapshot of the consultation that took place.


Do we sit the exams at home or on campus? My laptop broke down and Calliope reckons you need a laptop to sit an exam. And on top of that, I hate parking at Caulfield. My course is at Clayton and I get confused with room numbers there.

MGA advocate

Nefeli, Monash exams this year are different to last year. If you’re based in Australia, your eExams will most likely be held at Clayton campus at either the Learning and Teaching Building (LTB) or the Woodside Building. You will need to take a fully charged laptop to the exam (as there may not be access to powerpoints in the exam rooms). You will also need your M-Pass (student ID card) or other government-issued photo ID and any materials authorised for your exam (e.g. calculator).

For eExams with handwritten answers: A blue or black pen, or an HB or 2B pencil; pre-printed answer sheets (available in the exam room); your smartphone, to photograph and upload your handwritten answers.

For supervised eExams: Headphones with a working microphone.

For eExams without supervision: Optional noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs.

Check this link for up-to-date exam information.


I’m worried about Nefeli because every time she gets stressed she gets sick.

MGA advocate

Calliope, first of all, if you are sick before an exam, do not sit for it and apply for special consideration and a deferred exam. However if you get sick during an exam, ask the invigilator to summon a nurse for you.

With a certificate from a nurse you can cancel exams but you will also need to see a doctor to get a medical certificate.

Do you have more questions?

If you are unsure about anything else to do with exams this year, touch base with us at

If you have a quick query, text a message to our MGA Support Buddy on WhatsApp: 0497 131 698. The Support Buddy is available from Monday to Friday between 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Find out more about the MGA Support Buddy on our website.