Executive Committee – Coursework Education Officer

Preeti Mehta


Master by Coursework
Information Technology


The Coursework Education Officer is responsible for liaising with appropriate bodies in relation to issues pertaining to graduate coursework students of Monash University and ensuring that the concerns of coursework students are brought to the attention of the MGAEC.

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I am an international student pursuing a Master of Information Technology, currently in my second year. I grew up in India where I moved around seven different cities for study and work. 

Before moving to Melbourne for my Master’s I was working as a Technology Analyst for little over four-and-a-half years. I completed my bachelor’s degree in engineering in 2014 with a major in Information Technology. Since August 2019 I have been working part-time as an educator at an OSHC centre. 

With every city movement and every work commitment, I have been introduced to new cultures which has shaped me to be the person I am today. 

I was interested to join the MGA because the MGA has played a very important role in my first semester to help me grow a sense of belonging to the University. I opted for the position of the Coursework Officer to act as a liaison with appropriate bodies in relation to issues pertaining to coursework graduates. 

I am very enthusiastic, and I love helping people. I am a strong advocate of speaking up for ourselves. I consider myself as an environmental enthusiast and you will quite often find me speaking up for the students or the environment.

Personal Interests

I am a very creative person who prefers to crochet, create string art artifacts or repurpose waste in my leisure time rather than Netflix. I am a lazy fitness afficionado with the responsibility of taking down one Nutella jar at a time 😉

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