Executive Committee – Peninsula Representative

Mazaya Abidin


Master by Coursework (Occupational Therapy)
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

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The Peninsula Campus Representative initiates campus-based activities, identifies issues pertaining specifically to their campus and ensures the interests of Peninsula–based graduate students are represented at the MGAEC and within the broader university.

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Hello, I am Mazaya Abidin, an international student from Indonesia. As a master’s degree student in an allied health major, I recognise the importance of maintaining a good work-study-life balance. However, balancing between work, life, and study can be challenging and stressful for some people.

I am keen to help graduate students in Monash Peninsula find peaceful activities in order to release tensions due to intensive studying and/or working hours. Also, I want to provide joyful social events for graduate students in Peninsula campus to reconnect and socialise with one another.

I have a plethora experience holding musical and social events in my community. I have worked with international musicians to promote Indonesian tourism through the Prambanan Jazz Concert. I was also involved in conducting social activities for young Australians and Indonesians to enhance cultural and educational understanding in both countries.

In comparison to Monash Caulfield or Monash Clayton, Monash Peninsula is a smaller campus with limited resources to conduct diverse social events. Also, it has insufficient services and facilities to support graduate student’s needs. Subsequently, I am here to listen and to advocate for graduate student’s needs in order to have better facilities, events, resources and services to study at Monash Peninsula campus. 

Personal Interests

I am interested in books, travelling, yoga and martial arts.

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